10 Best Laptops for Drawing to Buy 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

In this world of technology, everything has been shifted from paper to graphics. Artists can bring so many colors to life on a simple piece of paper. Imagine bringing vibrant colors more precisely to the people. Are you an artist that aims to be more creative in the world of colors? Bringing life to your drawings is not a problem anymore when you have the best technology to use for your art.

Artists are shifting to digital tools for their art, leaving behind the traditional ways. Nowadays, laptops are trending among artists for their art. You heard that right! Artists are now using laptops and digital tools for their art and drawings, creating masterpieces that take them less time with more accuracy and details. Some of the best laptops are coming with stylus pens that is a hot topic amongst the artists of this century. Photoshop, doodling, drawing, illustrations, graphic designing, and a lot more have become easier for artists to show their amazing creativity.

To choose the best laptops for drawing, grab a pen and paper and note down all the software you will be needing. This article is all about the amazing laptops suitable for you. It’s time to play with more graphic tools than brushes. We will be listing down the top 10 best laptops for drawing along with their specifications and details. Keep reading, amigos! Let’s go!

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Best Laptops for Drawing 2021

    1. Dell XPS 13 9370 – Best Laptop For Drawing

    Dell XPS is a 2 in 1 laptop, which is known to be the most stylish and portable laptop of its time. This laptop is known to be the world’s smallest laptop with a 13 inch LED screen, making it easier for the artists to have it on the go. Dell XPS is a lightweight laptop with gorilla glass protection that helps the laptop avoid any damage to its body. As an artist on the go, you won’t always have access to electricity, and for that, you need a laptop with good battery life. Dell XPS comes with a battery life of up to 11 hours.

    Dell XPS comes with a fast processor of 1.8 gigahertz, which helps you to do the work without any lagging. The laptop comes with dual-fan technology, which helps you to avoid any heating problems in between your work.

    Dell XPS 13 comes with 16 GB RAM and 1TB SSD card, a memory space more than enough to save all your masterpieces in one place without facing any storage issues. As an artist, you want your art to stand out amongst all, and for that, Dell XPS gives you a 13-inch screen with high resolution and an infinity-edge display that makes the experience of the viewer a memorable one.


    • Sleek design
    • Hours-long battery life
    • Amazing display quality
    • Unattractive placement of the webcam
    • No standard USB Type A

    A laptop with good battery life and a perfect resolution display is a must-have for the artists of this date. You can doodle, draw, paint anytime you want with this portable laptop anywhere and capture the creativity of nature anytime you want.

    2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Best Laptop For Artists

    Microsoft has introduced the amazing series, and Surface Pro 7 is the best 2 in 1 laptop with the best of performances among many laptops in the series. It is a slim laptop, which makes it compact and easy to carry anywhere you go. The best thing about this laptop is that with its touch screen, you can actually use it as a tablet. It comes with a stylus pen that helps you draw more precisely. This is the main reason that we have also included this laptop in our latest article best laptops for artists.

    Microsoft believes in the good quality of its laptops. Therefore, it has worked more on the performance of the surface pro 7. The fast working CPU provides you with a fast working laptop.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 wins the game by giving you a 16GB memory with an internal storage of 256GB. The massive storage capacity helps you to work with great speed without any interruptions and space to save all your beautiful work. Surface Pro 7 comes with a 12.3-inch display with a great resolution and good quality pixels, making your pictures more vibrant with colors. The display also adjusts the brightness according to the light around you, going easy on your eyes.


    • Slim design with portability
    • Vibrant display
    • Fast charging
    • Amazing performance
    • Stylus to be purchased separately

    A laptop with fast charging and a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours is definitely a requirement for a person who loves to work on their art for hours with concentration and no interruptions. Microsoft surface pro 7 is absolutely worth the investment for an artist.

    3. Samsung Notebook 9 – Laptop For Digital Art

    Samsung has always been the best when it comes to technology. Whether it is their smartphones or laptops, they never disappoint their customers. This time Samsung has introduced a laptop that makes sure you carry it everywhere you go with its amazing portability and compactness. Notebook series from Samsung is sleek in design and highly compact.

    Samsung Notebook 9 comes with a beautiful, sturdy design. Notebook 9 has a 360-degree rotatable screen. It helps its users to multitask; whether it is drawing, doodling, painting, gaming, or any desktop work, it’s always there for you.

    Samsung Notebook 8 comes with a fast processor of 1.8 GHz, making it perfect for the artist to work without any hindrance. It has the perfect storage capacity of 16GB RAM and internal storage of 512GB.

    Samsung Notebook 9 comes with a perfect 15 inch full powerful, vibrant display. It makes it easier for the artist to have a precise drawing on the go.


    • Slim and lightweight
    • Excellent battery life
    • Smooth performance
    • S pen attached
    • Unattractive keyboard
    • Average audio quality

    Samsung Notebook 9 is an efficient laptop with fast charging and 14-hour battery life. It is a value for money product that is a must-have for all the artists out there.

    4. Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Drawing Tablet Laptop

    If you are an artist in love with traditional means of drawing and still want to upgrade to digital art, Microsoft Surface Book 2 is one of the best options for you. The versatility this laptop contains is what an artist looks for. This laptop is made with modern lightweight materials that make it easier to use.

    Microsoft is a perfect laptop for drawing; it comes with a detachable screen and stylus pen that helps you draw as if on a paper. It has a 13-inch display, which might be a little bigger for some, but with the detachable body, it is never a problem for its users.

    When it comes to laptops, Microsoft never disappoints its customers. Surface Book 2 comes with a strong 4.2GHz working operating processor, making it easier for the artists to work in one go. The beautiful laptop comes with a 16GB RAM and an internal SSD storage of 512GB.

    Microsoft Surface Book 2 has a beautiful 13-inch touch screen with vibrant and beautiful 2000 to 3000 pixels quality. It makes the artists work more intricately on their designs.


    • Vibrant display
    • Fast charging
    • Stylus pen
    • Attractive design
    • Expensive

    As a professional artist who doesn’t want to work on a laptop whose battery life lasts 17 hours! Yes, 17 hours! It helps you with the work without any hurdles and lags. Microsoft fulfills everything a customer needs for which the price is totally worth it.

    5. Lenovo Yoga 920

    If you are a part-time artist and want an all-purpose laptop, then you have to get your hands on Lenovo Yoga 920. Lenovo brings a really attractive and durable laptop in the market. It is perfect for desktop work. You can have fun while working on it by keeping it as a tent on the table. Either way, Lenovo Yoga 920 is here to make your drawing experiences more fun.

    Lenovo Yoga 920 is a lightweight laptop making it easier for the artists on the got to carry it everywhere. The laptop helps you keep your data safe by giving you an additional feature of fingerprint lock.

    Lenovo Yoga 920 is a fast working laptop with a processor of 1.8 GHz. It also comes with a great storage capacity of 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD internal storage, making it a perfect 2in1 laptop for both artists and gamers.

    Yoga 920 comes with 4K Ultra HD Display, which makes the experience of designing and drawing more fun for an artist.


    • Strong processor
    • Smooth performance
    • Stylus
    • Amazing battery life
    • Lesser range of ports
    • Unattractive keyboard performance

    The ultimate eye-catching attribute of Lenovo Yoga 920 is its amazing battery life up to 11 hours with fast charging, which helps the artist to avoid any hindrance during his time capturing moments of art. It is all in one deal for an artist one shouldn’t miss.

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    6. HP Spectre x360 13t

    Hp never disappoints in terms of their laptops with beautiful designs. HP Spectre x360 is an attractive laptop with a beautiful build. Though it is an eyecatcher for many, it also wins the game with its configuration. Hp has introduced a convertible laptop that serves all your inborn artistic needs.

    Hp never disappoints in terms of their laptops with beautiful designs. HP Spectre x360 is an attractive laptop with a beautiful build. Though it is an eyecatcher for many, it also wins the game with its configuration. Hp has introduced a convertible laptop that serves all your inborn artistic needs.

    Spectre x360 13t has a beautiful, sturdy design. It is convertible and bends 360 degrees to give you the facility of working on a tablet-like laptop. As of the weight, it weighs only 2.7lbs, which makes it quite portable to carry around anywhere you go.

    Hp Specter x360 13t has a quad-core processor of 4GHz, boosting the 16GB RAM and giving you the best experience in multitasking, without any lagging with its 512GB SSD internal storage.

    The 13-inch full touch display is fun to work on. It has a beautiful display as compared to the many laptops in these series. The display is user-friendly and comfortable to the eyes, which helps the user to work on for longer hours.


    • High speed
    • USB C port
    • Fingerprint
    • Face reader
    • Wider touchpad than usual
    • Limited viewing angles

    Hp spectre x360 13 has a battery life up to 14 hours with fast charging making the user work for hours and hours. The fingerprint touch and face recognition feature makes it a secure purchase for all your work to be saved in one place.

    7. Acer Spin 3

    A person in love with tech and art at the same time would definitely want to invest in this laptop. Acer Spin 3 brings the most beautiful blend of technology and specifications in one laptop, which attracts many customers from the market.

    Acer spin 3 is a sophisticated looking laptop with a strong body that makes it unbreakable to the accidental falls. It is a strong laptop with a lightweight body, making it highly portable for its users. Acer spin 3 has a top-notch quality regarding its performance and features. It has a 4.6GHz fast processor with a storage capacity up to 16GB RAM and 512 SSD Internal storage. The processor and storage work together in such a beautiful synchronization that you can work for hours without any lagging or glitches.

    Coming towards the display of the laptop, it has a screen of 14 inches with full-color vibrancy but a limited brightness range.


    • Active pen
    • Smooth typing
    • Fast processor
    • Fewer brightness variations

    A point to always remember while buying the laptop for drawing is to consider its battery life, and spin 3 has a battery life up to 12 hrs, which is very impressive for this purpose, making it one of the best laptops for drawing.

    8. Lenovo Flex 5

    Who doesn’t want a laptop that looks luxurious but actually is friendly to the pocket? Lenovo Flex 5 has the design of a sophisticated laptop with portability and versatility. Lenovo Flex 5 has a perfect sleek design with a lightweight body, making it easier to have it on the go. It comes with a convertible screen making it easier to hold it while doodling on your laptop and a tablet at the same time.

    The 2.5GHz processor helps the machine to perform very well. It helps the laptop to work fast and fastens the response time while working on heavy drawing apps. The amazing storage capacity helps you save your pieces of art anywhere in the laptop at the spot. It comes with 8GB RAM and 128 GB SSD internal storage.

    Lenovo Flex 5 comes with a Full HD IPS display, but the quality and resolution of the screen are more on the average side than on the good side. Furthermore, the display has a really good touch and comes with a windows ink pen, making it stand out amongst many laptops, giving the artists an extra value to their purchase.

    The typing experience for the users gets amazing with time as the keyboard has flat keys, which is not very common in the laptops.


    • Convertible and lightweight
    • Lenovo pen and Windows Ink
    • Variety of ports available
    • Poor battery life
    • Average display

    Unlike other laptops, Flex 5 has a battery life of up to 8 hours. But the fast processor and amazing specifications help the user to get the tasks done. You can definitely flex with the Lenovo Flex 5.

    9. Hp Chromebook x360 – 2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    One always looks for laptops that are pocket friendly and gives the best output ever. As an artist, we understand your needs. Hp Chromebook x360 is one of the best laptops for you; if you are an artist and looking for an all in one laptop, you are at the right place. Chromebook is stealing the hearts of many beginners and professionals at the same time. Let us discuss how hp Chromebook x360 is one of the best laptops for drawing.

    Hp has made some great innovations by changing their laptops to sleek, sturdy designs. The lightweight laptops put a cherry on top of their laptops, making them extremely convenient to carry them around. Their extreme light laptops remind us of MacBook air but with all the Microsoft features and many more multitasking options. It is a 2 in 1 laptop with a 360-degree rotatable screen.

    It has a fast processor of 2.2GHz that comes with the total storage capacity of 8 GB RAM and 64GB SSD internal storage, which helps you to work on your art without any interruptions.

    While talking about the best laptops for drawing, how can we forget the display and resolution? Hp Chromebook has a 14 inch full HD IPS WLED display, which makes your detailing and precision on point. The touchscreen works very well and responds accurately.


    • Fast processor
    • Perfect display
    • Universal stylus
    • Expensive Chromebook

    One of the best specifications about hp Chromebook x360 is that it has a perfect battery life that extends up to 6 hours of standard use. Overall it is the best laptop for the artists out there and totally worth the price.

    10. Microsoft Surface GO

    If you have had an experience with Microsoft’s laptops and find them really impressive, you have to give Microsoft Surface GO a chance as this is one of the best laptops in their entire range for all the artists out there. Microsoft surface go sure that all the artists fulfill their drawing needs through these laptops, either in a laptop, desktop, or tent mode.

    Microsoft surface go resembles a tiny notebook making it the best 2 in 1 compatible and portable laptop for your on the go trips.

    Surface go a perfect laptop for all kinds of customers, whether they be students, professionals, artists, or writers, the Surface go makes sure to fulfill all the requirements and needs of its customers.

    Microsoft Surface Go has a strong processor of 1.6 GHz with a storage capacity of 8GB RAM and additional internal storage of 128GB, which does your work to be done on time and saved. It has the most user-friendly interface for the amateurs.

    It has a 10-inch pixel sense display that makes your viewing experiences valuable. The visual and color quality with vibrancy makes your art a masterpiece for all. The touchscreen helps you to add major detailings to your making it the perfect one amongst all.


    • Compact
    • Value for money
    • Attractive display
    • Glass trackpad design
    • Reduced spaces between keys
    • Type cover not included

    Microsoft surface go provides you with the 9 hours of extended battery life that would not disturb you in between your long hours of work. This laptop is an all in one laptop for you with amazing price providing every feature one may need. Microsoft surface go is a value for money product that falls into the affordable range for the artists to consider.


    What is a good laptop for artists?

    Hp Spectre x360 13t and Lenovo Flex 5 are some of the best laptops for artists with amazing portability, affordability, and compatibility. They both have attractive displays and all the necessary features an artist requires.

    Can you draw with a touch screen laptop?

    Of course, you can!! Some of the above-mentioned laptops have the touchscreen that comes with the stylus pen that helps you to draw with more precision.

    Which touchscreen laptop is the best for artists?

    Hp spectre x360, Dell XPS 13, Microsoft surface go, Lenovo yoga, and hp Chromebook are some of the best touchscreen laptops for the artists. Their touchscreens are highly responsive to the touch and help you draw, doodle, and paint very easily.


    Above mentioned are some of the top 10 best laptops an artist can have. These laptops have two things in common; compatibility and lightweight. These are some of the aspects one cannot ignore in a laptop in any profession. But that’s not all it. A designer also needs a perfect resolution and an hours-long battery life to make his work more beautiful and without any disturbance. We have selected our best picks for you.

    • Dell XPS 13 9370 is just the right laptop for you. it comes with long battery life and a resolution best for your art to win hearts for everyone.
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the laptop with the most portable and sleek design which makes it easier for you to have it on the go. it also has a fast-charging with strong battery life. Allowing you to work for hours on your masterpiece.
    • Lenovo Yoga 920 Lenovo has always been winning the hearts of many people around the world. Their laptops are fast, innovative, and just right for all the artists out there. the quality of the stylus with perfect resolution is a cherry on top.

    So what are you all artists waiting for? You have this article and all the best laptops listed. Its time to win hearts with the amazing pieces of art. Go on and have the best experience of all time with a new laptop.

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