10 Best Laptops for Music Production in 2024 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Creating and producing music can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right equipment. Many people mistake that you can use ordinary laptops for composing music, but that’s not true. There are specific laptops that have powerful processors and plenty of storage for processing multiple audio tracks. Then why make your task difficult when you can buy a notebook that makes production much easier for you.

Now you must be wondering where I will find such high-end laptops that are excellent for making music. Well, you don’t have to because I am bringing you the best laptops for music production. These laptops have a premium quality build and also come at a reasonable price. In addition to this, they meet the minimum requirement for creating music.

However, if you’re a professional, then you will have to raise your budget. You won’t be able to run the complete version of DAW on simple i5 processors. Companies like Dell and Apple offer you some of the best products for creating music. Moreover, you can also use various gaming laptops due to premium quality features.

For now, here are the best laptops for music production that can handle the music composing programs with ease.

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Best Laptops for Music Production (2023)

    1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    The Best Laptop For Music Production

    When you’re producing music, you need a laptop that allows you to carry out different tasks without trouble. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 meets all the standard requirements of music production software such as DAWs. It’s because the laptop comes with a fast performance that makes the programs run more fluently. The notebook features Intel core i5 sixth generation unit, which is more than enough. But in case you’re looking one for massive projects, then this isn’t the best option available.

    However, if the budget and functioning are your top priority, then the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is excellent for handling light music production. In addition to this, you won’t experience any lag whatsoever due to its fast 2.5Hz clock time. With higher clock time, you will get an immediate response beyond your expectations. Many software demands quick feedback for various tasks, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seems to be an expert. Moreover, the surface book comes with SSD instead of HDD so that you can transfer data within minutes.

    Along with this, the notebook has 8GB RAM, which is more than enough handling 5-25 audio tracks. Therefore the laptop is highly suitable for light projects without any significant issues. In addition to this, it is a 2 in 1 notebook that you can use for many purposes. You can turn it into a tablet to view long documents and browse the web, so it’s giving you the best of both worlds. The laptop has thin bezels, with a display of 2,160 x 1,440p that’s perfect. Furthermore, the surface book has high-quality, consisting of magnesium, making it quite sturdy.


    • Premium Quality Built
    • Fast Processor
    • Long Battery Life
    • Excellent Portability
    • Single USB Port

    In short, if you’re working with small music projects and want something that comes at a reasonable price, then look no further. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is on of the best laptops for music production thanks to its powerful processor and 8GB RAM. Thus, you will get 100% satisfaction with this product.

    2. Dell XPS 13 9360

    Music Production Laptop

    Another laptop that you can use for music production is the Dell XPS 13 9360. Now you must be thinking how can this laptop be the one for you. Well, the notebook features phenomenal performance that’s hard to resist. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a large sum of money like you would for a Microsoft or Mac notebook. And still, you’re getting the performance that you find in many expensive laptops and is also PC Editor’s Choice.

    Dell XPS 13 9360 features the updated seventh-generation Intel Core i5 processing for running music programs smoothly. In case you want a laptop with an updated Core i5 unit, it’s definitely for you. The notebook has 8GB RAM, which will be the best for entry-level production or bedroom dabblers. In contrast, if you’re a professional, get a laptop that has 16 GB RAM. You can look at our article Best Laptops under $1000 for this purpose. Other than this, you can do so much with 8GB RAM for mind-blowing music production.

    Like other high-quality music production laptops, it has 2.5Hz clock time. Often when you’re producing music, you want the device to respond quicker. With this clock time, you’re good to go and can make fantastic music all day long. Another thing that you will like about this notebook is its storage drive. Many laptops use a cheap HDD that might create some trouble for you when transferring data, but the Dell XPS 13 9360 has an SSD drive.


    • Superb Performance
    • Long Battery Life
    • Sleek u0026amp; Sturdy
    • Premium Display
    • Lacks HDMI Port

    Overall the Dell XPS 13 9360 features excellent performance that is necessary for working with small music projects. It can run the most popular program DAWs with ease. In addition to this, the laptop features a slim and sleek body with thin bezels, giving it an alluring look. Therefore it is the best value product and one of the best laptops for music production.

    3. Apple 13″ MacBook Air

    Laptop For Music Producing

    Many Apple users often find it hard to switch over to Windows, but the hefty price makes it impossible to afford one. But today you’re in luck because the Apple 13″ MacBook Air comes at an equivalent cost of the Dell XPS 13 9360. You can also use this laptop to produce music like the previous models on the list. The Macbook Air features Intel Core i5 fifth generation processing unit meeting the minimum criteria. Although it only has 1.8 GHz clock time with the Turbo Boost, you can take it up to 2.8Hz. Therefore you can run various music production programs with ease.

    You won’t have to put up with slow responses that make music production much more complicated than it is already. The Air book has 8GB RAM, which is pretty good for running basic programs for making audio tracks. In addition to this, the laptop is highly suitable for multitasking like browsing, working on long documents, chatting, etc. So you see, it’s not just an ordinary notebook, and you can do a lot more than only producing music. Moreover, the laptop comes with a 4k display with a high resolution, making it perfect for watching movies.

    When it comes to the design of the Airbook, it’s one of the best good looking laptops available. The laptop has thin bezels and a 13-inch large display, leaving you lost on the screen. To make it sturdy, Apple makes use of an aluminum body, giving it excellent durability. Moreover, it is available in two different colors: space, gray, and silver. In addition to this, the notebook has three USB ports that are rare to find in others.


    • Lightweight
    • Excellent Performance
    • Affordable Mac Model
    • Unique Design
    • Lacks Wifi 6 Support

    In brief, the Apple 13″ MacBook Air is a cheap Macbook that has all the necessary features for music production. With a perfect combination of Turbo Boost and Core i5 unit, the laptop delivers outstanding performance. Besides producing music, the notebook is excellent for entertainment purposes. Then why wait, pick your Apple 13″ MacBook Air as soon as possible.

    4. Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

    Music Studio Laptop

    Professional Music producers can’t get their job done with Core i5 processors and 8GB RAM. They need a laptop that has the most powerful processing unit for running various programs. And the Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 has all features for large scale music projects that can make things convenient for you. But you will have to raise the budget for getting this masterpiece. Although the notebook does come at a hefty price tag, it’s worth every penny.

    The Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 features Intel Core i7 sixth generation unit that delivers you the optimum performance. In addition to this, it has a clock time of 2.5Hz, which you can enhance up to 3.5Hz using the Turbo boost. Now when you’re tuning musical notes, your programs won’t get stuck in the middle. Therefore you can use the Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 for producing non-stop music. Along with this, it has 16GB RAM, which further complements the i7 unit.

    16GB RAM is a premium for recording all types of music, no matter how heavy it is. If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you’re going to love the Lenovo IdeaPad Y700. Due to its impressive specs, the notebook is equally suitable for competitive gaming. In short, you’re getting two in one combination and won’t have to spend extra money on a gaming laptop. Moreover, the notebook comes with an IPS panel having premium picture quality and a high refresh rate.


    • Exceptional Performance
    • Premium Design
    • Excellent for Gaming
    • Multimedia Laptop
    • Poor Quality Trackpad
    • Non-Upgradable

    With a premium design and the black-and-red motif on the keyboard, it is another pretty model on the list. Along with this, the notebook delivers phenomenal performance in terms of music production. It’s because it has the most compatible specs for professionals. In addition to this, the laptop has high picture quality, and you can even use it for gaming. So if I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this one.

    5. Razer Blade Stealth

    Best Audio Laptop

    With so much variety available in the market, you can quickly get confused. Finding the right laptop at a reasonable price is a time-demanding task and involves lots of research. But not anymore because the Razer Blade Stealth is the perfect laptop for producing music professionally. Music programs demand ultra-fast and powerful processors that can process all the tunes. The notebook has an Intel Core i7 processor that gives you exceptional performance.

    In addition to this, the notebook has a 16GB RAM that can handle both light and massive projects. Large projects demand high storage, and the Razer Blade Stealth has plenty of RAM. The laptop has an SSD drive, which is a hundred times faster than HDD, giving you speedy data transfer and file boot. And music production programs work better on SSD due to its super high speed. Furthermore, the Razer Blade Stealth has 16 gigs that are extremely useful for digital audio work-spaces.

    Along with this, the notebook features a compact design with sturdy built. Moreover, it is also available in two different colors black and gunmetal gray. The laptop also has a QHD display featuring high resolution to use it for watching movies. Moreover, Razer Blade Stealth also has an additional spec known as the Turbo Boost. By using this boost, you can increase the clock up to 4.0GHz. Therefore besides making good music, you can also play competitive games on the laptop.

    In-case, you want a mid-range laptop with excellent features, take a look at Best Laptops Under $400.


    • Compact Design
    • Suitable for Gaming
    • Superior Performance
    • Excellent for Music Production
    • Lacks Suitable Video-out Ports

    In case you want to buy a small compact notebook that features excellent portability, Razer Blade Stealth is the best option. Even though it’s small in size but doesn’t compromise on its performance. In addition to this, the notebook can run various programs that many others can’t. With long battery life and sound quality graphics cards, you can also use it for gaming. Thus, it’s the best laptop for music production.

    6. Lenovo Yoga Book

    Laptop For Making Music

    The Lenovo Yoga Book is an affordable notebook that one can purchase for producing music. In addition to this, the laptop is light in weight and is easy to use, so it’s more convenient for the user. With its android version, you can download various apps for making music, and you can even edit it. The Yoga Book is unique from so many other laptops due to its zero key travel keyboard. Although it will take you some time to get used to it, you’re going to love its iconic features once you do.

    In addition to this, the notebook comes at a reasonable price that anyone can afford. Moreover, the laptop features three metal hinges that make it unique from other notebooks. Also, the notebook has 4GB RAM, which is not enough for handling complicated music projects. However, it’s perfect for some light editing, and you won’t experience any lag. Moreover, the Lenovo Yoga Book also comes with a keyboard that you can use as a drawing pad.

    The notebook comes with a pen that you will use for drawing and writing. Therefore with the Yoga Book, you can take your creativity to the next level. When you’re composing music, writing good songs is one step, and the notebook can make writing easier. So now, you can create the lyrics of the song and jot them down instantly. Although the Book can run full DAW, it can carry out some light tasks that are very useful for producing music.


    • Slim and Sleek Design
    • Excellent for Lighter Projects
    • Unique 2 in 1 Keyboard
    • Excellent Android Software
    • Only USB Type C Port

    The Lenovo Yoga Book is excellent for producing music, especially when you’re tight on budget. It uses Android software for running apps and music applications. Without spending so much money, you can get your job done. In addition to this, the notebook allows you to be extra creative by using its drawing pad and the pen that comes with it. In short, it is also one of the best laptops for music production.

    7. Dell XPS Thin and Light

    Laptop for Music Majors

    Creating and developing music requires high-end programs for music production. Such software requires the most powerful processors and high RAM for making music. Professionals are quite familiar with this fact and know how vital these factors can be. Then why bring home the ordinary laptops that can’t deliver up to the mark. The Dell XPS Thin and Light won’t disappoint you thanks to its powerful Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM.

    Not only is this combination perfect for bearing light workload but also the heavier ones with ease. The user won’t experience any lag as the laptop can run full DAW while many others won’t. In addition to this, the notebook is also excellent for modern audio interfaces for recording music. Moreover, the Dell XPS Thin and Light consists of SSD instead of HDD, giving ultra speed to the notebook. Furthermore, the notebook features a premium quality keyboard and trackpad.

    Moreover, it has a clock time of 3.8Hz, which gives you a super speedy response that music producers love. In terms of design, the laptop features a slim and sleek body with ultra-thin bezels. Also, the Dell XPS Thin and Light comes with a 4K Ultra HD display featuring vivid and lively colors on the screen. So now, you can also use the laptop for various entertainment purposes. The Dell XPS Thin and Light has a brightness of 500 nits, making it best for indoor and outdoor usage.


    • Premium Design
    • Ultra-Fast Performance
    • High Picture Quality
    • Best Suitable for Professionals
    • Low Battery Life
    • Expensive

    In short, the Dell XPS Thin and Light is the best laptop for music production. The notebook has a 1TB SSD with a Core i7 processor for running the most complicated task for creating music. You can also use it for entertainment purposes, whether it’s watching movies or hardcore gaming. In addition to this, the laptop has a premium design and features excellent portability. Thus for high-end music production, the Dell XPS Thin and Light is more than perfect.


    Music Studio Laptop

    If you’re looking for a laptop that’s a little bit cheaper than the Dell XPS Thin and Light, then the ASUS ROG STRIX can accommodate you. Although its purely for hardcore and competitive gaming, you can also use it for producing music. The notebook features an Intel Core i7 processor with a clock time of 2.8, which is excellent for creating the best music tracks. The clock time reduces the time required by the program to run different commands. So now you can make music all day long without any trouble.

    In addition to this, the ASUS ROG STRIX has 16GB RAM that gives you lots of storage for working on large scale music projects. It can run programs like DAW without crashing in the middle. Moreover, it can also handle many audio workstations and lets you go wild with your creativity. The laptop also features an SSD drive and comes with a touch screen display to make things easier for you. Therefore the notebook meets all the standard requirements for music production.

    When it comes to the laptop’s design, it looks like some of the other expensive gaming notebooks. The keyboard comes with RGB lighting that you can customize according to your style for gaming. In addition to this, it’s an aggressive-looking gaming laptop that can run FPS games without lagging. We have also listed some of the best laptops for AutoCad if you want to take a look at it. Moreover, the ASUS ROG STRIX is one of the latest models with excellent durability. While many laptops don’t have enough USB ports, this one does have 4 USB ports.


    • Powerful Processor
    • Relatively Affordable
    • Highly Suitable for Gaming
    • Excellent Performance
    • Lacks WebCam

    Overall the ASUS ROG STRIX is an excellent laptop for creating various types of music. It relatively cheaper and doesn’t sacrifice on performance. In addition to this, the notebook features built with fancy RGB lighting that’s impossible to resist. Moreover, you won’t regret buying the laptop, and it is the best laptop for music production.

    9. Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS

    Music Recording Laptop

    Another laptop that you can buy for creating music is the Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS. The notebook has sturdy quality built and also delivers exceptional performance. In addition to this, the laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor that is excellent for producing all sorts of music. With a clock time of 2.8 GHz, which is great as it runs all of the DAWs features smoothly. Moreover, the laptop has 16GB RAM, which is more than enough for dealing with layered VST heavy.

    In addition to this, the laptop has a long battery life and lasts for hours without charging it. Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS features a high-resolution display for watching movies. It also has a 1TB hard drive, which is pretty good at this price. The laptop has an IPS panel with 300 nits display, which is excellent for indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the notebook has a 3.8Hz clock for giving you ultra-fast response time.

    It is also a standard looking gaming laptop with a sturdy built that can last for a long time. Even though it’s not the best good looking notebook, it still has a classic touch. In addition to this, the display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so it has a high picture quality. The anti-glare screen keeps you focused on your task. With a GeForce GTX, the laptop is also highly suitable for competitive gaming.


    • High Durability
    • Fast Performance
    • Powerful Processor
    • Poor Battery Life

    The Alienware AW15R3-7001SLV-PUS delivers phenomenal performance due to its powerful processor. In addition to this, the laptop also has impressive specs for recording and producing music. It also comes at a reasonable price relative to many other laptops if you’re working on large scale projects. Thus, it is also the best laptop for music production.

    10. New Apple MacBook Pro

    Macbook for Music Production

    Last is the New Apple MacBook Pro, which is also the best laptop for music production. The laptop is an upgraded version of its previous model featuring the Intel Core i5 10th generation. In other words, the notebook delivers phenomenal performance making it an excellent choice for music production. In addition to this, it also has more storage, so now you perform all types of various tasks. Moreover, it has a clock time of 2.5Hz, which is excellent for running lighter programs.

    Along with this, the laptop features a premium quality keyboard with the right amount of key-travel, making typing much more comfortable. Also, it is available in two different colors, silver and space grey. The New Apple MacBook Pro is taking things to the next level with 1TB SSD to give you ultra-fast responses when processing music. In addition to this, it has a brightness of 500 nits so you can use it indoors and outdoors without any trouble. Due to its high-quality speakers, you can also enjoy good music on the laptop.

    Moreover, the laptop can handle some of the lighter programs that are involved in music production. Therefore it is perfect for aspiring creative professionals that love making music for bringing people together. The design gives you the feeling of working on a powerful device for getting the job done. In addition to this, it features excellent durability due to the high-quality material used in its making. The Book consists of an aluminum casing and makes it much appealing to the eye.


    • PCs Editor Choice
    • Excellent Performance
    • Magic Keyboard
    • Sturdy Design
    • Expensive

    Overall the New Apple MacBook Pro is the most popular laptop in the market. It comes with a magic keyboard and has superb key-travel thanks to the butterfly shape. Moreover, the notebook also delivers superior performance and is the best laptop for music production. So get yours today and start tuning those beats.

    Ultimate Guide for Picking the Right Laptop For Music Production

    When you’re buying some kind of product from the market, you must be familiar with the necessary factors that you need to consider. Based on these factors, you will decide whether you should purchase that product or not. Similar is the case when you’re looking for the best laptop for music production. And below are essential factors that you need to keep in mind when selecting one.


    The processor is the main center of the laptop, which is responsible for running various programs. Some laptops have single-core processors, while others have dual or multiple quad-core processors. Creating music requires multitasking, so it’s better to have double or multiple-quad-core processors. Its because these easily allow you to perform various tasks without slowing you down. Therefore making music is much more convenient with such processors.

    Along with this, the frequency of this processor is also equally important. The unit of frequency is GHz, and it measures the speed of the processor. Moreover, the higher frequency results in more incredible speed, making the notebook excellent for making music. The recommended frequency for music production is 2.5GHz for running many commands. If the clock time is lower than this, then it might create some trouble for you.

    In addition to this, the minimum standard laptop must have an Intel Core i5 processor. Although it won’t be able to handle the heavy workload, it’s ideal for lighter projects. However, if you’re working on a large scale project, Intel Core i7 is superb for such tasks. It can handle all the specs of DAW with minimal lagging. Therefore it depends on your requirement and the type of projects that you have.


    The RAM is another feature that you must consider when you’re buying a laptop. In the case of music production, the minimum requirement is 4GB RAM. With this amount of RAM, one can easily carry out small scale projects without any trouble. But it won’t be able to edit multiple tracks and run some specs of DAW.

    If you’re dealing with projects that require some additional features of DAW, then 8GB RAM is much better. It because with 4GB RAM, you will only be able to perform a limited number of tasks. You won’t be able to produce the music that you had in your mind. To avoid such problems and deliver excellent quality music, you can at least make some investment.

    However, if you’re handling massive scale projects that require all of the features available in DAW, you can’t cope with 8GB RAM. For this, you will need to buy a laptop that features 16GB RAM. It is the most compatible amount of RAM when you want to take full advantage of the DAW software for producing quality music.

    Type of Drive

    There are two types of drives, the HDD and SSD for storing and running data. The HDD comes at a lower price but has some moving parts. On the other hand, the SSD works more like a USB with no moving parts whatsoever. However, the main difference lies in the speed of these two drives.

    The SDD is much faster than the HDD and reboots files more quickly. But it is more expensive than the HDD, so it mainly depends on your budget. If you want to keep things on a budget, then you can buy HDD for working with multiple audio tracks. But, if performance is the utmost priority, then my preference would be SSD.


    Moreover, the last factor that you should keep in your mind is the laptop’s display that you’re going to purchase. Avoid buying the screen that is larger than 15 inches as it just makes portability much more difficult. The 15 inches wide display is perfect for a laptop, especially when you’re working on DAW. Other than that, it’s your personal preference. Thus go for what works best for you.


    What Laptops are good for music production?

    Laptops like MacBook Pro and the Razer Blade Stealth are good for music production.

    What laptop specs do I need for music production?

    You need at least a Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and 500SSD storage for producing music.

    Can you use any laptop for music production?

    No, there are specific laptops that meet the standard requirement for music production.

    How much RAM do you need for music production?

    At the minimum, you will need 8GB RAM but its better if you get 16GB RAM.

    Is i5 good for music production?

    Yes, i5 is good for entry-level music production but not for a professional level.

    In Sum Up

    In brief, there are a variety of best laptops available in the market for producing music. Some meet the minimum requirement, while others can run high-end music programs. So be sure to set your priorities first before getting one. Just in case if you’re in a hurry, here are the top three picks for you.

    • Apple 13″ MacBook is an Amazon Choice product and PCs Editor Choice for best performance for entry-level music production.
    • Dell XPS Thin and Light is an excellent choice for full DAW due to its powerful processor and RAM for professionals.
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is an affordable laptop with excellent performance and portability for producing music.

    I hope you will find the review useful. And finally, you have one laptop in your mind that will work best for you. But don’t forget to visit our webpage for such content. We are making your every day much comfortable than you could ever imagine. Then why go elsewhere. Have a happy shopping.

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