How to Root Samsung Galaxy X without PC – Root Foldable Phone

How to Root Samsung Galaxy X without PC(Step by Step)

Samsung Galaxy X is one of the best foldable Phone with maximum features that no Samsung version contains yet. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to root Samsung Galaxy X without PC.

On the other hand, before the move to the main article, we are going to explain little about the features of Samsung Galaxy X.

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Foldable Feature attracts the users more as compared to other phones. Samsung X has a Cellular connection. It closes and opens like a book that is unique. Moreover, it can double and increase the speed of your Phone when you Open.

RAM & COST: Ram is 6GB and if we talk about Price then it goes up to 1500$. Also, if we talk about internal storage, it is 128GB.

Advantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy X – Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy X

There are PROS And CONS of every Phone, it is natural. It all depends on us that How do we want to proceed with the Android Phone Samsung Galaxy X.

Hope you are here because you want to learn how to root Samsung Galaxy X.

Here are the Few advantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy X. Few are:

  • Phone’s ownership will be your and you can change according to your mood. It means that you can change anything in the Phone according to you.
  • GPU function control is also in the Samsung Galaxy X.
  • Samsung Galaxy X has Different Modes as well as Foldable features and Features which are available for user’s experience.
  • Sometimes you want to Install ROMS on Samsung Galaxy X.
  • Customize the Interfaces of Samsung Galaxy X after rooting Samsung Galaxy X.

If you are thinking that Should I root Samsung Galaxy X? Above you can read few Pros of Samsung Galaxy X. Although, if you want to be an owner of your own Galaxy X – A Foldable phones. Also, you want to Customize the Samsung Galaxy X then move forward for how to root Samsung Galaxy X without PC.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy X – CONS of Rooting Samsung Galaxy X

We have read the advantages and benefits. Now let’s move towards the CONS of rooting Samsung Galaxy X.

There are no specific disadvantages but these CONS of Samsung Galaxy X may be serious for you. Let’s check here:

  • Samsung Galaxy X will not have more warranty.
  • A phone may dead when something goes wrong and you don’t follow all the steps carefully.
  • The performance of Samsung Galaxy X may reduce. It is not necessary in the majority of cases.

We have described everything about Samsung Galaxy X, the benefits, PROS, and CONS. If you decide to root then don’t face many serious problems, so you can easily decide to root Samsung Galaxy X device.

Important Features You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy X

Here are the Few Latest Features of Samsung Galaxy X:

Samsung Galaxy X – A Foldable Phone

Samsung introduced the First Foldable Phone in the complete ERA of Android Phones as well as Apple Phones. Some says that foldable phone will call this phone Samsung X or Samsung F.

Android Versions 

Android Version is 9 Pie. It is the first Android Phone which supports Verizon’s network.

Snapdragon Version

Samsung Galaxy X root snapdragon 845 is also available. The processor is 8150. The average space in the Phone is 128GB.

A camera of Samsung Galaxy X

Camera’s lens is amazing and clear with HIGH-DEFINITION Front and Back Camera. Front Camera is 18MB, as well as Back Camera, is also 16MB + 5MB dual rear Camera.

Battery Performance Samsung Galaxy X

You will amaze to know that Samsung Galaxy X has a battery which is a more powerful Battery. The capacity of 3700mAh maximum battery life of this device.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy X Without PC?

There are 2 methods to root Samsung Galaxy X. Both are simple and easy to work. Both methods are used for How to root Samsung Galaxy X without PC.

3 Important Points Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy X:
  1. Firstly, Charge your Phone Fully.
  2. Important point is, you must have to unlock the bootloader. For more Check here See More: How to unlock the Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy X
  3. Before Root Android Phone Samsung Galaxy X without PC, Do Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy X.

Step#1 Download Super SU 

  • Step 1 is to download the Zip file from Super SU.
  • Boot into TWRP Recovery.
  • Just Go to the TAB on Install or FLASH.
  • Now you have to Select the Super SU file from where you downloaded.
  • Now Click on Confirm Flash.
  • It’s time to Reboot the Phone. Just click on the Reboot Samsung Galaxy X.

Note: You have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy X without a PC.

You have Done rooted Samsung Galaxy X Using SuperSU.

Method#2: Root Samsung Galaxy X in a Single Click Without PC, Laptop or MAC (Fix Samsung Galaxy X Root)

In fact, another amazing method to root Samsung Galaxy X is here, this is too simple to root your Samsung Galaxy X. Also, you can root Samsung Galaxy X in a single click without any software or even PC, laptop or MAC.

Follow the guidelines below:

See Here: Download Latest Version of KingRoot file

  1. Download the Kingroot File in your Samsung Galaxy X. Check the above link to download the File.
  2. Once you successfully downloaded the file, Open this File.
  3. Install Kingroot  file in your Android Phone Samsung Galaxy X
  4. Enable Unknown Sources Option in the Phone Settings.
  5. Follow the Simple Instruction and Press on a Large button – No Root Permission on the Samsung Galaxy X.
  6. Reboot your Mobile Phone.

Note: Now you have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy X without a PC, Laptop or MAC.

You have Done rooted Samsung Galaxy X in a Single Click Using Kingroot.

Method#3 How to Root Samsung Galaxy X using Magisk

Magisk has the ability to root any Android Phone. We are not here describing the way how specifically you can root Samsung Galaxy X with Magisk. We have written in detail and the method to do root android phone with Magisk is the same.

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Should I Root Samsung Galaxy X?

We have clearly defined all the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy X that either you like all the features after root android phone or not. The choice is Yours.

Read the advantages and disadvantages before root the Android Samsung Galaxy X.

Final Words For Root Samsung Galaxy X?

In this article, we have clearly mentioned a few things:

  1. PROS And CONS of root Samsung Galaxy X.
  2. How to Root Samsung Galaxy X using SuperSU and Magisk(Without PC Root Samsung Galaxy X).
  3. How to Root Samsung Galaxy X in a Single Click using KingRoot.

Have you any problem while doing the procedure for How to root Samsung Galaxy X with Odin? if you have any problem while rooting your android phone or Rooting Samsung Galaxy X with kingroot. Let us Know in Comment. Thanks!