4 Tips For Boosting Your World Of Warcraft Character – 2023 Guide

Boosting characters is very viable in video games nowadays. You would be surprised at the number of people that boost characters, especially in World of Warcraft. Boosting is only viable if you fully know the game and wish to level up a character faster. There is no point in boosting your first account since you rarely know the game.

If you’re boosting your first character, chances are you will become a bad player. But good players and seasoned veterans do it all the time since they are extremely knowledgeable in it.

This article will focus on some of the best tips that you can use for boosting your World of Warcraft character. This article is aimed at veterans in the game that are looking to skip past the initial boring leveling and enter a more faster way of reaching max level.

1. Research Your Class

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You should always research the class you plan on boosting before doing so, in the event that you’ve never played that class before. If this is your first time boosting a Monk class, then you need to look into each spec and skill before starting the initial task. Talk to any friends that have played that class before, to get at least a feel of what you need to do. According to Legionfarm.com, boosting an unknown class in World of Warcraft can be quite overwhelming, so why don’t you head over there and see some of the stuff that you can use to get to max level even faster. And for those of you interested in wow power leveling service, check this out!

2. Start With a Trial Character

Blizzard has introduced a feature in the Legion expansion which allowed you to do a class trial. The class trial lets you pick a class and start at level 100, although you cannot advance from that level. This is awesome if you’re unfamiliar with a certain class because it lets you get an overview of the class. We’re not sure if the trial class becomes unplayable after a certain period of time, but class trials are very useful before you start your initial character boost.

3. Boost a Level 60 Character

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Boosting to level 60 is extremely beneficial because you learn the class while you boost your character. If you do it right, you could reach level 60 in a few days. Another reason as to why this is beneficial is the fact that you can pick and choose the best profession for your character class. Whatever you do, make sure you get first aid leveled up to 700. Leveling up first aid is the best way to reach level 60 and above.

4. Demon Hunters or Death Knights?

For those of you who don’t know, the Death Knight class of the Scourge starts with level 55, while the Demon Hunter class starts from level 98. This is one of the fastest ways to boost a character because you jump so far ahead in levels. However, if you pick eighter of these classes do know that you can do it only if you want to play that class. On the other side, The Allied races are also excellent for boosting as you start each class and race from level 20.